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New York on Philadelphia

 Doug Gausepohl (pronounced Gospel) comes from North Jersey, about 45 miles outside of New York City from a town call Byram.  He’s 21 years old and a journalism student at Rowan University.  Since his major sports city is New York, I asked him what it’s like for the people during game day and how they feel about Philadelphia.

Most New Yorkers are Mets, Jets, Nets or Yankess, Knicks, Giants.  Which one do you fall under? Neither! I’m actually Mets, Jets, and Knicks. I could never really get interested in the Nets when I was younger, and my brother was a Knicks fan, which helped convince me to become a Knicks fan.
Describe New York on game day. Depends on the stadium. For example, parking at Citi Field for Mets games is one gigantic parking lot, so there’s a lot of tailgating. Yankee Stadium has a lot of parking garages, so that cuts down on the tailgates. Depending on the game, the pre-game analysis is always a huge talking point in New York. I remember hearing talk about the Eagles-Giants game (where DeSean Jackson ran the ball back for a touchdown as time expired) two weeks before the day of the game.
Who is your favorite athlete? Baseball- Jeff Francoeur and Nate Robinson. I know it sounds crazy, but they both played for my teams at one point, and I loved their character. I think having guys like that on your team are extremely important, no matter what their numbers may be.
You’ve been in southern New Jersey for a few months now, what was it like the first time you talked sports with a Philadelphia fan? It’s interesting, because every time I’ve talked to a Philadelphia fan in New York, it’s usually been at a game where they’re going insane. Talking to a Philadelphia sports fan in class or around campus is pretty normal, because everyone likes to talk sports. I was actually pleasantly surprised about how easy-going about it everyone’s been, considering my past experiences with Philadelphia fans at the stadiums.
It’s widely known Philadelphians hate New York, myself included, why do you think that is? I was never really sure, until I was watching a documentary on the rivalry between the Mets and the Phillies, when some writer brought up a really good point, which is that Philadelphia has always had to look up to New York. New York is the sports mecca of the East Coast, and I think that makes Philadelphia a little jealous. Philadelphia’s a great city, but they’ve always played second fiddle to New York. I think the fans of Philadelphia want to show everyone that they’re just as passionate about sports as New York fans are, and to be honest I think over the past four years or so, they’ve been more supportive of their teams as a whole than New York has.

 What is the perception of Philadelphia in the eyes of New Yorkers? Classless drunks. Sorry, but it’s true. I’ve heard horror stories about Giants fans going to Eagles games and getting jumped the minute they walk in the stadium. I’ve heard about Devils fans getting beer poured on them by Flyers fans for just wearing a Devils jersey. Sports are very important, but they aren’t a matter of life and death. It’s pretty much common ground among New York fans that if you go to a Philadelphia stadium, you: 1. Travel in numbers. 2. Don’t bring your girlfriend. 3. Bring a trustworthy Philadelphia fan with you that will have your back if anyone tries to start sh** with you. (It’s depressing to read that.  It’s amazing what the tiniest minority does to the majority.)
How much of that do you believe is true? I’m not sure. I’ve been to a couple of games at Citizens Bank Park wearing my Mets gear, and no one has said anything to me. Most of the horror stories I’ve heard have been from Eagles games and Flyers games. So from personal experience, I can say that Phillies fans have been fair. Judging that most of the fights at sporting events happen at hockey and football games, I’d believe most of what I hear happens at these other games.

 What would you say separates New York from the rest of the country? The passion and the history. They’re the only city to have at least two teams for each sport. They’re the first city to have a 24-hour sports radio channel. Countless sports channels like YES, SNY, MSG, etc. Dynasty teams like the 90’s Yankees and the 80’s Islanders. There’s no city like it in the country when it comes to sports.
Anyone you want to say hi to? Shane Victorino. I hate you