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Back to the BCS: LSU and College Football’s Potential Nightmare



The worst possible scenario that could happen next Saturday: Georgia upsetting LSU in the SEC Championship game. Why? Because it could potentially leave the unanimous best team in the country out in the dust, making way for a lesser Oklahoma State to finish number two in the BCS. This is a problem for two reasons: It shows that it’s not about HOW many games a team loses, but WHEN and relying on a computer system is absurd as Tim Robbins fitting into the Warden’s suit in Shawshank.


Of the top-five teams in the BCS, only LSU remains undefeated. Analysts are saying that barring a blowout, LSU will make the BCS title game even if they lose to Georgia because of the difficulty of their schedule (they beat eight top 25 teams). But the fact that there’s still a possibility of LSU not making it should be worrying the hell out of college football. LSU is a 14-point favorite against the Bulldogs and they’re expected to win. They will most likely win and by a large margin. But, what if they don’t?


Take it back to my point about it’s not how many games a team loses but when. Then take it a few weeks when Alabama lost to LSU, 9-6, in a more exciting game than most people give it credit for (it was the top two defenses in the league, no one should’ve expected a 35-34 finish). Alabama dropped to three in the polls and then climbed back to two, ending their season in a rout of rival Auburn. They sit at 11-1 and guaranteed themselves a spot in the BCS championship game. If LSU loses to Georgia, Alabama would jump LSU as the highest ranked team in the country, regardless of their loss against them. AND, overrated Oklahoma State may possibly jump in the two spot. Basically, the BCS said (in their best Office Space voice), “LSU we know you won 12 games already, but you lost too late in the season and we’re going to have to drop you from the title game. Yeaaah, sorry.”


Why is that a problem? Beause it goes to show that the timing of the loss is everything. When a team loses early in the year, they have weeks to make up for that loss and get back into the higher part of the rankings. Plus, a team ahead of them has a better chance of losing one game if there are six left, rather than if there is one. LSU should not be punished because it took them 12 games to lose when it only took Alabama and Oklahoma State to lose nine and 20 respectively. The computers don’t measure wins overall, but losses.


How can the BCS be fixed? Brent Musberger said to add a playoff system, which is a solid idea. Take the conference champions and have them play in an eight team playoff to determine the champion. It would create new conference rivalries and create a “March Madness” feel to it. Or add a plus-one to the end of the season if two teams end up undefeated. I love the latter because I want a team like TCU or Boise State to finish undefeated again so they can go up against an LSU or Alabama and get destroyed so we can stop hearing, “But they finished 13-0, they deserve a shot!” (And I am a fan of Boise State, but they do play a dreadfully weak schedule.)


Although next Saturday isn’t for certain, one thing is, the BCS needs a change. If LSU drops out of the BCS title game because their loss came at the last week of the season, riots should happen in Baton Rouge.