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Online Journalism Final Post

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who read my Blunt Sports Trauma throughout the entire semester, I am truly honored (like truly, not “I’m saying this to be politically correct truly”). Having said that, this isn’t a farewell post.  Expect this post to be updated regularly still so stay tuned or  as Omar would finish this sentence, “ya’ll feel me?”

Here are my top five posts from the two months since I started

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Blunt Sports Trauma – The Introduction

As with everyone who starts one of these, I say this one has a chance to be big.  I’m from Southern New Jersey (South Jersey from here on out) about six miles outside of Philadelphia.  Yeah, the same Philadelphia where we throw snowballs at Santa (because I haven’t heard that 1000 times already) and where we hit minors who run on the field with tasers. It’s also the same city who has sold out 136 straight Phillies games and finished 3rd in NFL attendance.

Now this web log (I don’t like blog) is going to involve a wide spectrum and how it relates to Philly.  Think of it in terms of what Bill Simmons does, national stories with a Boston bias. That’s what I’m going for.  A focus on sports and how it affects fans from a certain part of the country. So why not the unanimous worst city in sports? Expect stories that range from the Divison race in the AL East to the Philadelphia Eagles hiring an Offensive line coach as their defensive coordinator.

by the way,

I’m Chazz Scogna