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Coming Soon

I’m sorry for the delay I am currently working on two posts that will be up by Thursday night at the latest.

“My Review of the ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ and the Series as a Whole”

“Analysis of the Top 10 in the NFL’s Top 100”

Thanks for the patience.


Online Journalism Final Post

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who read my Blunt Sports Trauma throughout the entire semester, I am truly honored (like truly, not “I’m saying this to be politically correct truly”). Having said that, this isn’t a farewell post.  Expect this post to be updated regularly still so stay tuned or  as Omar would finish this sentence, “ya’ll feel me?”

Here are my top five posts from the two months since I started

Jayson Werth Potentially “Got Paid”

Flyers-Sabres: The Magic That is Game Seven

How Sports Made a Frienship Beautiful

Shoutout to March Madness

The Beautiful Game, “Jogo Bonito”

Rowan vs Richard Stockton

Today I will be live web logging the entire Rowan Profs-Stockton Ospreys (which is a fish-eating bird of prey, yeah, who knew?) baseball game. This is the second game in a home-and-home series for the conference rivals with the Profs taking game one, 6-1, behind a stellar performance by pitcher, Mike Swietanski, who had a no-hitter going into the eight inning. First baseman, Eric Newell, gave his pitcher a cushion by going 2-4 with two RBI’s. The Profs look to improve their record in the NJAC conference to 7-1 and 19-6-1 overall (their tie came against Gwennyd-Mercy due to darkness). First pitch is at 3:30

 Click the link below to follow each update.

Coming Next Week

  This was a busy week, I’d like to say thank you to Coach Black for making my interview and everything easy.  I also would like to thank everyone who viewed my web log this past week, I haven’t had greater volume since I started.  Thank you to everyone who commented me on my “How Sports Made a Friendship Beautiful” column and I appreciate everyon who said they enjoyed it.  However, next week it will be back to business. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this and I expect everything from me to be better and more enjoyable.

Expect a full analysis of what I felt about the Philadelphia Phillies opening day for the new baseball season and a new edition of “Shoutouts.”

Have a good weekend.

The Flyers: From Cinderellas to Contenders (Part 2)

The Philadelphia Flyers were on a downward spiral last year, then hit a hot streak to the point where they made a cinderella run to the Stanley Cup finals.  Since then, they are now outright contenders in the NHL for years to come (their average age is only 27 which is lofted with veterans like Pronger 36, Boucher 34, and Timonen 35, boosting that number).  

Usually a “Cinderella” is a team that exceeds expectations in the beginning, but fades and loses in the end. Think of the Flyers or Butler in 2010 who lost a heart-breaker against Duke in the finals (in 2011, Butler is 19-9, unranked, and has a loss to Evansville, wait who?). Cinderella  has become cliche because of its overuse (I feel a more appropriate term would be over-achiever, San Diego State anyone?). Most Cinderellas fall off the next year, back to their status of just an average team and fall back into the pack , never to really be heard from for a long time.  However, once in a while, (the New England Patriots in 2001 who beat the Rams and won three super bowls in four years) a Cinderella stays through next year, causes a storm, and becomes a powerhouse contender.  The Philadelphia Flyers are nothing short of that powerhouse. Peter Laviolette got them there. Continue reading