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Mike Blackiston is Named Deptford Football Head Coach


Since the day we are born we have a dream job.  Regardless if the specificity of the job changes, we all want to achieve a certain level of happiness by recognizing the dream we’ve had our entire lives.  It doesn’t matter the status of the job, like if you’re a fireman for the NYFD or work at your town’s local fire house, as long as there’s an ambition and love.  Because the beauty of our dreams is that they are ours and, therefore, can only to be judged by such.  For Mike Blackiston, his dream job is no longer a dream.

In a town like Deptford, high school football games are more important than town issues. “Coach Black” was the defensive coordinator at Deptford High School for nine years.  After being forced out, he spent the last two season at Cherry Hill West High School under the same title.  However, he  has just been named the head coach at Deptford High two weeks ago. His passion and resolve carried him into the new title and anyone in the area will say no one deserves it more. He, along with others members of the community, are responsible for Deptford High’s receiving of lights, allowing for night-time games to finally be played. (There’s something great about high school football under the lights).  From his undying devotion to his undying love for his players and students alike, Coach Black’s train finally came.