Andre Iguodala: Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye

On the heels of a very strange 2011 NBA Draft there is only certainty; that it is one of the weakest draft classes ever. The projected number one overall pick, Kyrie Irving from Duke, is a freshman whoonly played in 11 games in college.  The number two projected overall pick, Derrick Williams from Arizona, is considered by NBA analysts as a “tweener” because no one’s sure whether or not he is a small or power forward. Rumors have it that the Philadelphia 76ers are offering Andre Iguodala for the 2nd overall pick which would be Williams.  The rest of the draft is full of foreigners and mediocre talent where the top players in the draft may wind up as solid sixth men if picked by the right team (Like Jimmer Fredette to a run-and-gun team allowing a lot of shots and fast breaks.).  And yet, me being from Philadelphia, that all sounds better than having to endure another season with Iguodala.

Yeah I know, Philadelphia is full of a bunch of uneducated, belligerent drunks who taunt opposing fans, Taser minors who run on the field, and put innocent Giants fans into comas on Opening Day (Wait that was Los Angeles) so what do we know? We just force stars out of our city like Donovan McNabb with analysts saying “He is still a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, Philadelphia doesn’t appreciate him!” (I agree on the latter, but he got benched for Rex Grossman)  But they won’t apologize for that nor will they mention the Vancouver riots where Olympic athletes were setting police cars on fire. But I’ll ignore our image because one thing is for sure, Philadelphia wants Iguodala gone.

 Well for one, Iguodala is not the superstar that he thinks he is. He is a solid number two with his rebounding ability and is without a doubt a top 10 defender in the NBA.  He is the 76ers standard for who will defend a team’s best player.  But he can’t be a number one because he doesn’t have the scoring ability (or killer instinct that has defined stars like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant) when it comes to crunch time.  Countless times Iguodala has driven the lane only to be blocked off so he plants and does a turn-around fade-away that more than likely ends in a CLANK! CLANG! Or my favorite, the air-ball.  Yes, the 76ers don’t have another star to which they can give the ball to down the stretch but at least Lou Williams CAN hit a big shot.  Through so many games this year Bean (who has been mentioned enough to where I won’t say “my friend” anymore) have texted or called each other starting with the sentence starting with the following sentence, “Why does [Doug] Collins keep giving Iggy the ball in the last two minutes?” Yes, the best player on the team should be taking all the shots in the clutch, but if they have proven that 100% of the time, their shots won’t go in then something needs to be done.

The 76ers have tried making a splash on draft night by offering up Iguodala for a trade.  The Los Angeles Lakers are reported to have offered Lamar Odom and Ron Artest for him, but we don’t want them. Odom and Artest are both known for just give up and go through the motions when they are in a situation they don’t like.  This leads to the aforementioned trade for the second overall pick and Derrick Williams. The 76ers could use a big body down low who can also do what Iguodala can’t, shoot.  They’ll be sacrificing their best defender but 14 points a game from their best player is ridiculous. Good riddance, ANNNNNDREEEEEE IGUOOOO-DALA-DALA-DALA!


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