The Final Countdown Until March Madness

  I finished my bracket three times, then I found out it’s not due until 12 noon.  Soooo I’ll be doing some more research.  On the day of the grown man or woman’s favorite holiday (It can be second to a fantasy football), I count down the hours until the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts. (Note to self: Think of a cool nickname like the “Sports Guy.” Okay, that’s the last Bill Simmons reference ever.)

  Every March I feel like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” after he finds out he really did get a “Red Ryder BB Gun.”  There’s just something about this time of year that gets me excited.  It truly is, in my opinion, the epitome of college sports.  There is no computer system designed to see which teams will compete in the national championship (Hold on. First I am for the plus-one playoff.  Having said that, I truly hate to break all the BCS haters’ hearts but I have to.  The way this season played out shows that the BCS works.  All three undefeated teams were 1-2-3 and since two of the three remained undefeated, Auburn and TCU are sitting at #1 and #2 respectively.). Instead, there’s a tournament, do-or-die, which the top 64 teams (plus 4 more teams that compete for play-in games) compete for bragging rights as top program in the country.  March Madness has everything a tournament needs: top collegiate pograms like Duke (Ugh), Ohio State, and North Carolina, top collegiate athletes like Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker, cinderella stories, and upsets like a 12 seed beating a five seed. (Share with friends: there’s been at least one of those upsets in the first round since the the tournament expanded to 64 teams.)

I’m currently watching “Couples Retreat” because if I put on “Sportscenter” I’ll just depress myself as I impatiently wait for tip-off. The movie’s not that bad, but that’s only because Vince Vaughn’s rants are always classic.    I’m also having a hard time getting my homework started.  I’m on Spring Break and it’s the start of March Madness, how much can anyone really expect from me right now? This is just a part of the madness, no pun intended, that is March Madness.  I’m in a bracket, competing against about 15 of my friends and I haven’t talked to them about their brackets yet.  Are you crazy? No way I’m giving up my final four before it becomes public knowledge and no way I’m asking for it.  Because if I end up with the same as someone else, I’m that guy who winds up ordering the same thing as my friend before me. 

There is only one hour left and my friend Vince just called me.  I’m the host for today’s festivities and I can’t wait.  Expect updates throughout the tournament.

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