February “Shoutouts”

  Considering this is the end of my first month posting on this web log, I thought I would reminisce and do a monthly post called “Shoutouts.”  Mostly sports related, and after I get a bigger following (did that sound conceited?) would like others to “shoutout.” We’ll start slow with my top 10 of the month of February. And here we go.

10.  Shoutout to the NBA Eastern Conference for officially taking over as dominant conference for the next few years.  In 2012 if Chris Paul goes to the East, then it’s gonna be an awesome time for East coast fans.

9.  Shoutout to baseball season starting, more specifically the Philadelphia Phillies. Hopefully Domonic Brown’s new placement of his hands will help him with his swing because I don’t want the no. 4 prospect in baseball being a bust.

8.  Shoutout to the Philadelphia 76ers for being .500 after 58 games.  I was watching them last night with my friend Bean and we were ecstatic that the 76ers were 29-29 if that’s any indication on how bad they were.  Things are looking up

7. Shoutout to the Philadelphia Flyers, who are continuing their dominance in the NHL and went 7-1-1 in the month of February (they have one game left against Ottawa)

6. Shoutout to the Green Bay Packers, who although I can’t stand that they won the Super Bowl, at least the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t.

5. Shoutout to the Black Eyed Peas on officially winning the “Worst Halftime Show Ever,” your trophy is in the mail. (And as honorable mention, Christina Aguliera gets  a trophy for her National Anthem performance)

4. Shoutout to Christian Bale, who starred in the “The Fighter” (which became my favorite sports movie of all time) and absolutely has to be the favorite to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor this weekend.

3. Shoutout to Brett Keisel who shaved his beard for charity, which raised over $30,000.  In a society where the negatives about athletes are more out-front than the positives, it’s good to hear a story about the positive actions of an athelte.

2. Shoutout to Jayson Werth, who took a contract for more money and ran with it, then complained about the Phillies not signing him.  (I’ll address this in-depth this week and introduce everyone to my theory called “Gettin’ Paid.”

1. Shoutout to the Detroit Pistons more specifically:  Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton, and Chris Wilcox for proving that professionalism isn’t apart of how you do things.  To just boycott a shoot-around as a means of wanting your coach to get fired is immature. Then to laugh when he gets ejected from a game just proves it.  Besides, T-mac, you aren’t the player you used to be.

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  • masonj31  On March 5, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Chazz, really like the writing. It’s very Simmons-esque in that it is about sports, but with pop culture references thrown in every so often. Really like how you use the links. Following the Simmons model, you could possibly do a live blog of some game. I did one for the NBA All-Star Game and it was a lot of fun.



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