Phillies Fans Are Ready for 2011

With pitchers and catchers starting this week, I went out and sought  Philadelphia Phillies fans (or “phans,” I guess) and they answered this question, “What are you looking forward to the most this baseball season.”

Matt Falls – “I can’t wait for the first warm sunday night when you’re having a few beers outside and the Phillies are playing in the Sunday night game.” (Agreed, baseball’s the only sport where that’s possible.)

Sean Humenchuk- “A. Phillies winning the World Series B. Having four pitchers throw no hitters for the first time ever C. all of the above.”

Kelly Asroff – “Dollar dogs.”

Gabriella Carabasi – “My favorite player is gone so I’m going to go with just getting ‘stupid’ in the parking lot.” (An example of Philadelphia’s reputation.) 

Josh Black – “The best baseball team in the MLB to bring the championship back home with more [than] 100 wins in the regular season.” (Everytime I think of the “postseason”, I just think of this. More specifically the first 15 seconds)

James Ryan – “I just want to see this Phillies pitching lineup to start going.”

Jim Amadio – ” Web gems, pine tar and Cliff Lee.”

This was a text sent to me, from Bryant Collins – “How the big four for the Phils [are] going to perform. This is the best starting rotation in the history of this organization…He [Ryan Howard] will have to carry more of the load for this team and wipe the memory of the last out of game 6.” (Which I agree with, that big contract he signed in April put alot of expectations on Howard and he didn’t live up to it in the playoffs. 5 years 125 million is alot, we’ll see how he plays withouth Jayson Werth protecting him in the 5 hole.)

Jonathan Richards – “The one two three knockout combo[ination] in the Phillies pitching lineup.” (I think he meant four, but no one says one-two-three..four knockout)

Mike Pistilli – “The smell of grass signaling summer.” (One of the stranger answers, but as a man of people, I don’t discriminate)

Tiffany Tripodi – “Watching Chase Utley bend over waiting for the ball.” (Ha ha, I didn’t make that up)

Shawn Mantici – “Watching the Phillies and the Red Sox in the world Series.  And watching the best pitching rotation in baseball ever.”

Jordan Wolcott – “I’m looking forward to seeing the Phillies dominate the NL East and win another World Series.”

Joey Jentsch – “Joey ‘The Heater’ Blanton.” (short and sweet)

Thomas Mantici – “I’m looking forward to see if Elijah Dukes rap cd does better then the Nationals, If Dominic Brown lives up to the hype, if Sandoval really lost 30 pounds, if Seinfeld buys the Mets” (I think the Nationals will do better, Dominic Brown has to fix his swing first, Sandoval is the “Big Panda” for a reason, and who cares about the Mets?)

Steve Messner – “The last month where it matters.” (Understandable, 4 months of just baseball can be an overload)

John Green – “Fat Joe and the terror squad.” (Probably the best nickname I’ve heard for: Joe Blanton (Fat Joe) and the terror squad (Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt)

Chris Miller – “I Am looking forward to seeing phillies fans crying after they lose in the first round of playoffs.” (No comment)

So that’s just some of the outlooks that are eminating out of fans.  Alot of attention is going towards the pitching rotation and if any team can handle the pressure, it’s the Phillies staff.  But, it is either World Series or bust.

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