Canceled NFL Union Meeting is Not a Good Sign

We’ve all been thinking it.  What if there is no NFL season in 2011-12?  How will Sundays be spent?   How will this impact the markets where professional football dominates?    Will we have to resort to Fantasy “College” Football where all you need to do is draft players from the SEC?  What the hell does a lockout even mean?  (And my honorable mention, how dumb is Andrew Luck still?)

Unfortunately, the owners haven’t been thinking about those (except Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Panthers who has the worst…Luck, corny I know).  Their only question, How can I make more money? It’s so stern that they walked out of a Union meeting yesterday and canceled a hearing today after hearing a 50-50 split proposal in all revenue by the players’ association (NFLPA) for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).   The amount alotted to the players by the owners is called total revenue. Under the current CBA reports say that the total revenue is a 9 billion dollar gross that automatically subtracts 1 billion for owners (estimated).  The players then get 60% of that while the owners get the remaining 40%.  To break it down (these are estimates):

9 bil – 1 bil (for owners) = 8 bil

60% of 8 bil = players’ share of 4.8 bil

The owners receive the remaining amount of 3.2 bil + 1 bil = 4.2 bil

This has caused problems over the duration of the current CBA because the owners want a new division of total revenue.  Instead of 1 billion dollars given to the owners automatically, they want 2 billion.  Changing the breakdown to this (again estimates):

9 bil – 2 bil (for owners) = 7 bil

60% of 7 bil = players’ share of  4.2 bil

The owners receive the remaining amount of 2.8 bil + 2 bil = 4.8

The players won’t accept those terms so they proposed that there would be an elimination of the total revenue and that the full revenue generated by the NFL would result in a 50-50 split between players and owners. In turn, the owners are staging a lockout (which is different from a strike.  In lockouts, it means the players show up, but the doors are locked, they are not allowed in) which is bad news for the players because, millions run out before billions.

So to answer our questions: there won’t be a season next year, Sundays will be a day of rest, relaxation, and boredom.  Markets will suffer (unless you’re Philadelphia, where you hire an offensive line coach as your defensive coordinator) and draft LaMichael James as your first overall pick for your college fantasy team.  And Andrew Luck, you are so dumb.

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  • John Ndicu  On February 24, 2011 at 11:45 am

    GREAT…just GREAT!

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